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Not sure if it is too late but for IPB4 having the possibility to localize content would be very welcome.

My community address people in different language, English being popular but french, Italian, etc.. are also ( I count seven)

My request would be to setup multiple SQL database (one for each language). English could be the master one.

Each time an entry is create in a language, and entry will be create in all other language.

To switch from one language to another we click a flag at the top.

To enable localize content, when posting something, user could check the flag he want for localization.


1- in his profile, user set his primary language to create content, he also set the language he would like to read first.

2- He decide to write a blog article.

3- In the article page he can select to which database language he want to publish first ( by default is primary language will be select) then select secondary language.

4- When publish, the article is publish using the primary language being select

5- Other language database receive the entry, but they are not publish because the content will be empty. Only few filed are being transfer like the title, description, keyword etc...

6- User can then open the article in other language, make the translation, when ready to publish enable the second or third language

7-At this point,the first article that was publish will see country flag being activate so users could click to see the article translate

At any point in time user could go back to the original article and add language

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