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"Free" filter to Topics API

Adriano Faria

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Please, add a free filter to topics API: http://www.invisionpower.com/support/guides/_/advanced-and-developers/api-methods/fetching-topics-r255

If I want, for instance, use the API to search for topics PINNED, HOT, ANSWERED, etc., I have to query the table.

Add something like has on IP.Downloads, where you can inform any column on downloads_files.


    $_filters    = array(
                            'topicType'    => array( 'visible' ),
                            'getCount'    => true,
                            'filter'    => array("topic_answered_pid > 0", "pinned = 1"),
                            'sortField'    => 'views',
                            'sortOrder'    => 'desc',
                            'limit'        => $qtd,
                            'offset'    => $st

This would help a lot:

'filter' => array("topic_answered_pid > 0", "pinned = 1"),


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