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Feature Suggestion - Integration with MailChimp


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In your recent releases of IP.Board, you featured integration with MailChimp's transactional system "Mandrill". We signed up and are very happy with the service and company - so much so that we are now using MailChimp for our monthly newsletters.

As I was browsing through MailChimp's system, I came upon an area called "Integrations" - other companies that have integrated their software with MailChimp. An example of this is PayPal. When a user makes a purchase on PayPal, their email address can be automatically imported into a particular MailChimp list via their API.

I think that an IPB integration with their service would be great. When a user signs up on our community, there could be an option to opt-in to the newsletter during the registration process. Their email address would then be automatically sent into our MailChimp account. I've attached a screenshot of some of the integrated applications.


Thanks for your consideration!



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