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CDN questions....


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Looking for the first time at the CDN offering.

I just re-read the blog from last year, as I couldn't find anything under guides, and it all seems to make sense, however...

I did notice that none of the smilies are working in the comments - they go to hxxp://content.community.invisionpower.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png for example

Is this going to be an issue on our forums, where on older posts we have images missing, as perhaps the URL has changed? Especially if the CDN is disabled or enabled? Does the URL change if we alter the domain of the site?

Charles also mentioned that using a CNAME will be an option, but I cannot see that on 3.4 or in the client area?

I am trying to avoid broken links in content on the site more than anything.


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