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MySQL replication - ignoring tables

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Hello, i had setup replication again, this time i had chosen to ignore some tables, but im not 100% sure if its ok to ignore them or i should add others. I do this to reduce some load on the slave and have a smaller backup.

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Personally, I replicate and backup all tables. Instead of trying to shrink the backup size, maybe look at better backup solutions? For instance, I'm guessing you're using mysqldump? Here are some other (possibly better) backup solutions for you:


i want something very compressible, i do have xtrabackup, which is also used by zmanda AFAIK, the problem is i was not able to be sure if with xtrabackup i can backup only the board database, and its not very portable if you are not the root on the SQL server. My setup involves a slave which is stopped while i lock all tables and do a mysqldump

replicate all tables, the exclusion of just those listed tables will not make much difference in terms of loads !

My problem is not load but backup size, transfer and restore time

sorry by the quoting mess, i have bbcode disabled and get this :S
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