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New design: suggestions


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The new design is very easy on the eyes and flows much better than previously, nice job! :thumbsup:

A few additional changes I'd suggest:

  1. Swap the color of the tabs at the top. The lighter color should be the active tab and the darker should be the in-active tab(s). Currently the active tab's color does not match the content area's background.
  2. Add ways to link to specific locations within the text. E.g., I'd love to be able to link to robots.txt within this article, but am currently unable to.
  3. Included with above, add a table of contents (especially for those longer articles)
  4. Codeboxes are annoying to have to horizontally scroll. Would take some work, but it'd be nice to either have a plain-text popup with it or a lightbox with something wider than 650px.
  5. I do miss comments. I know IPS has said no comments, but from time to time another developer would pop on and have a comment, extending the article or giving a useful example.
  6. Changelogs. Seeing " (Updated Jan 13 2013 05:25 PM)" does me no good if I don't know what was changed. Was there a new feature / slight change to the code that I need to do?
  7. Footer on the main site still links to http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/documentation/index.html - which is an unnecessary redirect.
  8. KB has the ability to filter by product, but not product version.

Otherwise, looks good! Search has proved to be much, much better!

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