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3 features : sub-forums accesibility, favorite emoticons, repeat last post of the page X


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Hello :smile:

Since I use IP.Board, there are few features that I'd love to see implemented.

I had opportunity to see and test these options on "MesDiscussions" board system.
To be clear and illustrate what I mean, I will suggest links to forum.hardware.fr, a french forum dedicated to hardware which uses MD board system. Thank you for your comprehension.
1) Sub-forums accessibles everywhere
In the IP.Board current versions, sub-forums are accessible on index board and on main forum index view.
But I think it would be more convenient if sub-forums were visible and accesible from any part.
VRstCgv.png' alt='' class='ipsImage' wid" alt="VRstCgv.png">
2) Favorite emoticons system (members can manage their favorite emoticons)
I know there is hook for that but it would be interesting if it was implemented by default.
3) Repeat message posted on previous page
For example, please see this topic.
If you go at bottom to see the last post of the page AND if you go to next page, you will can see that previous post is automatically "repeated" on top second page.
Very interesting sometimes to avoid/prevent confusions.

Thank you for your attention.
Best regards,
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