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Virtualizing ipb

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Hi everybody.

I looked around the forums but no luck.

So my issue is this.

I have had it with updating IPB to latest version and then finding out what has changed.

My biggest grief is with the editor.

Seems to me that every new version is slightly worse than the previous one.

So basically I have 2 questions :)

Has anybody tried updating IPB without the editor and was it still working ?

1: And the real reason I opened a new topic here.

2: Has anybody successfully virtualized and existing IPB installation ?

Where I am now:

I have an Ubuntu desktop x32 bit set up in a VM environment.

For Apache, Mysql .. the works, I have Xammp aka Lampp.

I have imported my live DB in virtual environment and fresh installed ipb 3.4.1 with connection to virtual DB.

I now see all my users, topics etc so it's fine, but navigation in the forum is not working.

I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that all the paths must be changed to "localhost", but where ?

This is now (i hope) my last hurdle in managing to virtualize a functioning forum to a virtual environment for testing.

If I manage and anyone else is interested, I am more than happy to post entire procedure to help other users avoid the headaches that come from updating and testing.

Ever since updating from 3.3.4 to 3.4.x I have had nothing but problems and I desperately want to avoid them in the future.

Any help and ideas are welcome.

Thank you.

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In ACP go to System tab >> System Settings >> General Configuration.

Set your "Path to 'upload' directory" and your "Upload URL" as needed for your localhost. If you haven't already set the proper $INFO['board_url'] in your conf_global.php.

Instead of using localhost in the url it works better to use the IP. Especially if you are on a network.

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