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IPS Hosting - Replicate/Testing Accounts


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One idea I came up with...not sure if it's been discussed before.

For many of us, we are running numerous mods and other customizations. Some are crafty enough to have backups and their own environment in which to test mods before they are installed on the live environment.

I am not that savy....so my idea....for people with IPS hosted accounts, how about offering a very low cost account JUST for testing. This account could have minimal storage and bandwidth allowances, but would allow us to test out mods/customizations before uploading it to our live environments.

This could be offered as an a la carte for those currently hosting with you.

I know I would shell out a few bucks a month just for this testing capability....

I'm not sure how practical this is...but an additional perk...if our main site crashed due to a severe problem with code/servers/etc, maybe we could even use this as a backup in a pinch?? (i don't know much about servers, so not sure how practical that is)

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