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Download: Nepazi - IPBFangorn


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File Name: Nepazi - IPBFangorn
File Submitter: Lawliet
File Submitted: 25 Jul 2012
File Category: Professional Skins

Nepazi is a style characterized by bright colors. Nepazi skinhead is characterized by bright colors. Fits virtually everything, and it has been inserted to create all of our professionalism. Fits virtually everything! What is there more to write - I invite you to watch.

DEMO: www.ipbfangorn.net
Go and refres page to change branding.

Nepazi has:

  • random branding
  • comfortable user menu
  • light colors, brown and green
  • new system of topic icon
  • new fonts
  • and more

The pack contains:
  • Skin (3 files .xml)
  • PSD logo, branding, topic icons, forum icons.
  • Tutorials - " How to edit or add new branding "


Click here to download this file
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