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PHP Configuration error due to FLEX

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This is really annoying me and I can't really find anything about it on the usual places. I am trying to install a separate version of PHP on a development server so that I can then proceed to install PHP-GTK 2 for a clients development project. I don't want the PHP-GTK package installed on the production version of PHP I am using so decided against that.

I've downloaded the PHP source from their CVS, running ./buildconf goes fine but when I run ./configure, it goes through the usual for a few seconds and then spits this out every time:

configure: error: Found invalid flex version: 2.5.33. Supported flex versions are: 2.5.4

I have Googled this various times and spoke to some people about it and although I don't seem to be the only one who has had this problem, I can't find a fix anywhere. I can't install Flex 2.5.4 because the latest package available on Yum for the servers OS is 2.5.33, I can't perform a manual upgrade on this system because the client doesn't want any existing software to be modified.

Any ideas on what I can do here? Anything appreciated!

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Got past this error now, but I'm being presented with something else. Apparently the system is now missing the 'libffi' package. Yum finds nothing under this name and various attempts at compiling and installing libffi from source have failed with an 'Unknown Error'. This package is a dependancy of Glib which is yet another package I had to try and install in order to compile PHP-GTK.

Anyone have any experience installing libffi?

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