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suggestion - revert sphinx to a module ?


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as it says

the theory behind it is

if done, all the current search, vnc, tags etc could be done via the mysql search engine

heavy lifting searches of forum, gallery etc could be done if wish via a separate sphinx moudle

less development time spent on providing two mixed up search systems for each application - just one site wide module

less maintenance as once set up, as the module is stand alone,it shouldn't require much looking after during upgrades as the current system

allow sphinx searching of all invision applications

allow across all or selected application searches as in full all in one site searches

instant searching/indexing - have read sphinx can now handle instant addition

i can remember the 3rd party sphinx module, looking back at that and how much simpler and more effective it seemed
it does strike me that the current search setup is not as good as it can be

if no plans then perhaps maybe someone could take up as a paid mod ?

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