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Download: Anchor BBCode


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File Name: Anchor BBCode

File Submitter: Timberwolf1771

File Submitted: 14 Apr 2012

File Category: Miscellaneous XML Files

This is a simple anchor BBCode for your site.

Use can use this BBCode to link to anchors you set in posts. At this time, it cannot be used in pages, articles or blog posts.

When using this, make sure all the anchors on one page have unique anchor tags or the goto will jump to the first anchor.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here or at my own site The Northlands.


Timberwolf1771 (Timberwolf)

Click here to download this file

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All you would have to do is at the top of your post put:


then at the different areas where you want to give your readers the change to go back to the top you just add this:


As long as the Anchor 1 code is there you can link to it from any place on your page as many times as you want. It will always bring the reader to that place. For this reason, the Anchor 1 code needs to be unique for the page so people don't choose the same thing.

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I really like this, timberwolf, but I'm not fully understanding why anchor 1 doesn't produce any text. I know I've gotta be doing something wrong.

Here's what my code looks like. Anchor 2 link to anchor 1 perfectly fine, there's just no text for anchor 1 though.

<div class="ipsBox">

<div class="ipsBox_container ipsPad">

<a name="pricing"></a>



<a href="#pricing">This is some random text to test out the anchor BBCode.</a>




I'm doing exactly as the BBCode wants. Does an option need to be added to allow for visual text in anchor 1, instead of an invisible anchor?

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Hi Kevin. You're using html code where this is actually BBCode.

Anchor 1 should be like this:


Which doesn't produce any text. Anchor 2, which looks like this:


Will have text that says TOP.

You would click on TOP and that will bring you to the top of the page.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, been a bit busy with school.

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