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  1. [quote name='ehMac.ca' timestamp='1330037504']Good content... Define "good." There's a big difference between "good" and "unique." Don't get me wrong, SEO is a "good" thing to have but it's very overrated. If there's diverse, dynamic unique content on a site, major search engines are going to comb through them, regardless of having SEO incorporated. I mean, link structure ALONE makes more of a difference than anything else.
  2. [quote name='Teddy Rogers' timestamp='1330003489']Do people worry way too much about search engine results than the content and reputation? Yes! The most important ingredient for SEO is rich, unique content. Humans, in general, are lazy and typically seek the path of least resistance. While these SEO changes are good, they won't help much for PR if a site has little or no unique content. A niche...is what we all should be striving to find.
  3. Hello there, Gary. I was looking at some of the help you've provided to others. Quite an impressive reputation your building in the community.

  4. Thanks for the like :)