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My feedback on wordings


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I'm most probably nitpicking, but I quite dislike the default wordings in various areas of the forum.

For example, in avatar upload, it says:
Recommend an image 200px or larger
Okay... who even allows 200+ larger avatars on their forums? I know it scales down but then I get people coming and saying... My avatar is huge, but it won't upload! It fails!!! And they try bigger and bigger.
Some say, my avatar is small after I upload! It recommended a large avatar!
It doesn't even display the actual forum maximum sizes. I'm actually quite clueless as to why it recommends big avatars.
I think it would make more sense to say: Large avatars are scaled down to a maximum size of: x and y.

And for things like signatures, it says:
Your signature may contain:
• Any number images
• Images of any size
• Any number of URLs
• Any number of lines
I understand you can put limits and these are reflecting the limits. But under default settings, IPB will take its effort to outline that they can abuse the sig system. Rather, it almost sounds like they should abuse it. Despite my custom forum rules saying you shouldn't have huge signatures, people read that and they think it's fine. When signature is moderated, they come to complain asking why it was removed.
IPB could have simply said nothing! I think it would be lot better to only list restrictions. Not their freedoms.

Some more, but generally, I hope who ever writes this takes more consideration into people who lack common sense. Make things less ambiguous.

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