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Peter F.

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I currently use SMTP to send emails from my board (I use Mailjet to send emails currently). However I would like the ability to link my forums up to my Google Apps to send the emails.

I am not able to do this because the option to connect to SMTP over TLS is currently unavilable. I would like to suggest that the SMTP functionality in IP.Board enhanced so that admins can specify whether or not they would like to utilise TLS when they are sending emails via the board (ideally this should be an additional setting in the "Email Set-up" settings section).

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It's been available for many years....


If in doubt, ssh into your server (since most residential ISP's block 25) telnet into gmails mx record smtp.gmail.com on port 25

go ehlo gmail
220 2.0.0 Ready to start TLS

Now if you can't do that with your server you dont support tls.

As well the Forced TLS vs Opportunistic TLS deal has to be readily available on a server and it has to have valid ssl/tls certificates at all times (at least for forced tls). Also mail set to forced TLS will not deliver (assuming your server has a valid ssl cert) to its destination if they do not either

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My server is configured to support tls however what I am talking about is adding an option (similar to the option available in the POP settings of the incoming email) to force tls instead of typing in the tls:// protocol handler.

Before your post I wasn't aware if IP.Board even allowed you to specify the tls protocol that way (as most email clients have an option for this).

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