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apc + memcache?

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I have been one of them, and one of the people running this setup. So, I guess I'll answer. (Just to note, the word apc in this post can be freely exchanged with xcache as well)

If you are running on a single machine, just APC is fine and memcache + apc gives no additional performance benefit (assuming that you're using apc as user cache as well).
APC is however an opcache + user cache. That is, it speeds up php performance and gives memory room to store what ever data.
Memcache is only a user cache. It does not speed up php performance.
So, on your php server, you'd install apc.
On your 2nd server, memcache runs. This splits the load and allows you to create a tiered caching method (should you choose to). For example, facebook does this (tiered cache) but with a hoard of cache farms...

Memcache also carries certain features that APC does not have and same vice versa. If you want to use one of such feature, you'll do exactly that even with a single server.

I personally use some features only found in memcache -- none which is of IPB's natural usage.

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from what I see all (except mem) need fastcgi but can't get any uploads over 1m +/- to work when thats used.

1. Not sure why you "need" fastcgi. Missing background/context
2. Upload limit isn't controlled by apc or xcache. Suggest you review your php.ini file. I'm running apc and I have 200mb file limit set.
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