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Download: IPB 3.2 - PixelMagic Team/Group Ranks

Echelon One

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File Name: IPB 3.2 - PixelMagic Team/Group Ranks
File Submitter: Echelon One
File Submitted: 12 Dec 2011
File Category: Group Team Icons

The PixelMagic Rank Collection
By Echelon Designers

Our PixelMagic Rank Collection uses pixel perfect fonts for the sharpest display possible on websites. They are designed specifically for web design purposes. We have color matched this set of ranks to match Invision Board 3.2.x. They have all been highly optimized for fast loading, yet still providing a professional look. Includes the fully layered and color-coded PSD file for editing.

Team/Rank Image Installation
Use FTP or cPanel to upload the contents of, either the PixelMagic
Blue Set or the PixelMagic Green Set to the following directory:


Add them using your ACP
Members -> Manage Groups -> Group icon image
Edit each group to use the relevant image

Download includes the following:
14 x Blue Ranks
14 x Green Ranks
1 x Fully layered & color coded PSD File
1 x Installation/Read Me file
1 x Screenshot showing all ranks
1 x Screenshot of layer PSD

View many other collections today!
Designed by www.echelondesigners.com 2003-2011

Click here to download this file

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