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What I think of Ip.Board


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I am really impressed with what IP.Board has accomplished in the pas 5 or 6 years (don't really remember when the company started lol). I remember back when I started my web development I started off small and was happy with some of the software that I was using back then A friend of mine that use to work for IkonBoard told me about what Matt was doing here with Invisionboard. I was surprised to see how welll that IP.Board worked back that day support back then was a community of users and even had some official support agents to help out members that have been having some issues. Back then IP.Board didn't have the gallery, blogs, downloads, or even chat or nexus. I remember when IP.Board was FREE if thats telling you how far back I have been using it lol 1.2 days. As the board progressed into what it is today I am happy to be a loal customer of IPS and hope to see this board get even better as time goes by.

Thanks to all the IPS staff who has made this posible for all of those that have wanted something to call their own and I am sure alot of us are proud IPS users and wouldn't change for the world

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