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Client Accounts: Return the "Upgrade Request" Option


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This is a simply request to add this feature back to our client accounts.

When IPS had the "Request Upgrade" feature in the client accounts, it was fairly easy to get a quick turnaround for an upgrade to your forums, usually within several hours. However, the new system has become troublesome and inefficient. I'm not posting a complaint but rather a request to return this feature back to our client accounts.

When 3.2 was released, I had to create a support ticket and do it the normal way and ended up having to wait 14+ hours for an upgrade because I would get a request for my client account information and then I had to wait longer. Then, for 3.2.1, it was different, I was asked to update a support ticket asking if I agreed to the upgrade.

The old system would include all pertinent client account information as well as a checkbox if you agreed to the upgrade request. It also made for a quick turnaround in the upgrade process. Now, it seems that the upgrade request process has gotten longer by the removal of this "upgrade request" feature.

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