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Xcache is only caching variable(DB) not php

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Problem: Xcache is not caching php, only variable DB information.


Intel® Xeon® CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz
-Running as VPS with 1 core with 2.0Ghz allocated.
-1376MB Ram
-60GB harddisk
-Currently without Xcache fuly working using about 500mb of 1376mb Ram

Relevent Software Settings
Running under WHM /w Apache
PHP5 running mod_php (DSO) as a PHP handler

Xcache 1.3.2 is installed an enabled

Xcache snapshot from info.php http://


Global configuration file is set to using
$INFO['use_xcache'] = '1';

Xcache Admin panel evidence of not caching php from IPboard:




I'm completely stumped Could this be a permissions /directory issue?

I did attempt to create the cache directory (that according to the php.ini is set to /tmp/xcache, although i didn't see an xcache folder?)

so I attempted to create it and I got an interesting problem:

my process
mkdir /tmp/xcache
chmod 0777 /tmp/xcache

however once I do that and restart apache I received the following error by IPB.

Warning: xcache_isset() [function.xcache-isset]: xcache.var_size is either 0 or too small to enable var data caching in /home/mazda626/public_html/ips_kernel/classCacheXcache.php on line 95

I then removed that /tmp/xcache directory and restarted apache to get the site baaack live and working (as I don't want significant downtimes)

I have been going back and forth all morning with my managed host trying to resolve the issues, any ideas?

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Locate your php.ini

manfind php.ini

To me I would say your master php.ini has the value set to 0, Look for the line:


If you do not have such thing, Add the line in the xCache settings:


Then restart apache.

Hope this helps.

ps: run this:

chmod 777 /tmp/xcache/*

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