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Alright, well after using Invision Power Board 3.2, I've noticed a few things that it seems to be lacking.

1.) For instance, emotions are much harder to find. The old way was much better in my honest opinion, there is plenty of room below post options to place it. You could just build the list the old way and be able to scroll, draw all the emotions instead of a preset amount.

2.) Post icons being removed, they are a quick easy way to see what the content is about. The way it has been designed in Invision Power Board 3 just made it not used often. Instead of making it hard to find, place it below the topic title or below post options. Once there, you can even make a default one (of course some people may not like this, you could just implement an option for it too). Also they should be drawn beside the topic title in both search and forum index if it is brought back.

3.) Topic descriptions are another way to find what the user's topic is saying without having to load the topic. It is a quick and easy thing, which is an asset to the forum software.

Elliott Brown

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I agree on the first point. Emoticons are more annoying to find since the last version.I find it annoying that they open a new pop up, as I thought pop ups were long gone.

They also need auto scroll, so when you click the Smiley button, the browser will move down automatically for the user to choose them. As I suggested here: http://community.inv...ey-auto-scroll/

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