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  1. Really interesting read. Thanks all who contributed.
  2. I turned it back on. I just don't want to be notified of product updates etc... so perhaps have an notification option for Security Updates, separate from the News and Information stuff.
  3. I didn't get an email. Couldn't log in and thought my account was compromised. I had to reset my password myself. Strange.
  4. What is going to happen with the 12 pages of bug reports in the bug tracker?
  5. I'm confused. Can someone summarise in 1-2 sentences what is happening to these licenses?
  6. I think what people really want to see is what the forum view, topic view and post view is going to be like. All the blog entries so far have been interesting but stuff like moderation, calendar etc are all secondary to how the main views have changed in appearance, functionality, ease of use etc...
  7. I would love to see some more narrated videos of the new features by Matt. Screenshots can only show so much and probably don't do 4.0 much justice. With videos we get to see the new features in more detail without IPS having to release anything. :smile:
  8. There's no need for the ad hominem attacks. It was confirmed that there would be version 4.0 in this post: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> and it was conformed that development was underway in this post: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Cool :thumbsup: I'm hoping it will be.
  9. It is almost 2 years since 4.0 was announced and it's fast approaching a year since it was first publicly confirmed that development was underway. There is still about 7 pages of bug and "Will Fix - IP.Suite 4.0" reports in the bug tracker, and all of this despite the fact that there have been no major releases in over a year. 4.0 will need to be something amazing if it is going to take longer than this.
  10. It's minor in the sense that it does not impact on functionality, but it's major in the sense that it looks very unprofessional, especially after so long. I might buy the excuse that the developers are busy wiping their brow every five minutes while working behind the scenes developing the software, but not after 9 months.
  11. Exactly and it's taken 9 months for it to be even looked at.
  12. Great. It's just quite unbelievable it's taken this long.
  13. http://community.inv...8-pop-up-boxes/ http://community.inv...1-pop-up-boxes/ Really?
  14. The editor was one of the reasons I had to convert to another software. I'm glad now that I didn't wait around to see if you guys would fix it because quite clearly nothing has been done to fix any of the big issues. There's even a bug I reported almost eight months ago which still hasn't been fixed. Unbelievable.
  15. You seem to be totally missing the point. I'm not against the idea of a permissions testing system. As I've said before my issue is that it allows you to view conversations, act as the member and give a false representation of their activity all without having access to a database or changing a single password. A permissions/settings testing system should never require such access at admin level (this could all be done before by creating a test user anyway). XenForo implemented it perfectly. Non invasive and does what it should only do i.e. test permissions and nothing else.
  16. I've made my position quite clear I think. Poor implementation and unnecessary (at least I can see no use for it). You don't need to change any password or access any databases to read members PM's, imitate them and mislead their site activity. Because I don't want this tho, apparently I shouldn't be running a website. :lol:
  17. This cannot be done by creating a test user then?
  18. So a system can't be created where you can log in to test a users permissions based on their member id and do so without having the ability to read conversations, mislead user activity etc..? Which is precisely where it should have remained.
  19. If it's solely for checking permissions/settings then all of this can be done in the admin panel anyway. Why do I need to see your PM's in order to test such permissions? To me, the way this has been implemented appears to be an easy way around actually creating a proper solution. i.e. a proper permission testing system and one where you can't read someones conversations and mislead a users activity.
  20. No password changes or access to a database is required to do any of this in this case. I have never wanted or had any reason to check a members permissions let alone read members personnel conversations. It's not only completely unnecessary but possibly raises more issues itself when put in the wrong hands. The natural reaction to this seems to be "just ignore it". This kind of exactitude is self explanatory I think. Now look at my above post again and tell me honestly, which implementation is better? IPB or XenForo.
  21. Unbelievable that you would want to give admins such unfettered access to member accounts. I can't count how many ways this can be abused. Not only is it poorly implemented but your rivals have already had much better implementation of this, much earlier and here's the key differences: This of course is the proper way to implement such a feature. I can't understand first off why you would give such control to admins and secondly, implement this in such a poor way especially when you've had a chance to better your rivals. One step forward and two steps back it seems. :yawn:
  22. So basically you can quickly and easily log into any members account at your own discretion? Does this mean you can just log into their account and post as them too?
  23. To be honest, I don't see the point in continuing this. It's not something of major concern and just something which was annoying at the time. I still don't see why it's hard to keep one release topic updated with relevant updates regarding that release. Feel free to close this topic at any time.
  24. That's reasonable but it would be nice if they could be included in their release topics as well.
  25. If security updates were kept in their release topics, then it wouldn't. For example security updates for 3.3 should be kept in it's release topic. I don't see what's so objectionable about that.
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