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    I love programming, coding, scripting, basically anything in-between. I love classic-rock music. (The old 60's to 80's. Best times ever imho.)

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  1. Ah, great. Thanks a bunch man! Thanks, EBrown
  2. So I seem to be having an issue with YouTube videos being displayed as the full video in my shoutbox. Is there a way to fix this? 1.41b Beta is the version I have. Thanks, EBrown
  3. I always feel integration is key, things like tracker should already be provided in IP.Board. Same thing for referrals and basic necessities that free forum software have. Perhaps not the way it is designed where it is an extra tab. I can give you several examples of several forum software that do this. I just don't want to get in trouble for linking sites. Obviously you guys do it the best, but I'm just expressing that slacking just because you can is like saying: why go beyond our competitors and make ourselves that much better? Not trying to start a rant here, waiting on it should be fine and dandy.
  4. My suggestion is to take Michael's advise then, find someone else to help with it if it is a volunteer project. The problem is it is a very important project to me and sure many others feel the same way about it. It should work effectively with each milestone of IP.Board, as I said above it even hurts competition when your software lacks specific effectiveness compared to others.
  5. No, again that is not a good idea. Tracker should of been stable in 3.2, that's why people are complaining so much. 3.3 shouldn't of even be started on until all the other things that are worked on work effectively. That's my two cents.
  6. They should use it as a marketing scheme like other things, not make people pay for it (like IP.Chat). vB has tracker so not developing it hurts their business anyway, because a lot of people like me need a tracker system in our forum.
  7. I agree with you Michael, you contribute a lot to this community, and IPS should listen more to the people that make this place strive.
  8. It may just be how he designed the navigation bar, cause what we're saying is it doesn't go in the right spot. Yours goes to the far right of the navigation bar next to View New Content/Guidelines, ours goes on the bar above that.
  9. Animate from IPBForumSkins: http://www.ipbforumskins.com/premade/animate/index.php
  10. Hey, I noticed this has skin compatibility issues with Ehren's skins. He said to ask the hook author what hook code is required for this? An example of the problem: http://screencast.com/t/xKpJGV4cpSWw Thanks.
  11. Make it configurable, default could be 15 minutes.
  12. I was thinking that a simple but efficient way to stop spam is to add registration tries, so a certain IP/cookie has so many tries to complete it before they are locked. This is useful for preventing brute force in question and answer challenge/Recapcha, but I don't think Recapcha stops all the bots, they already can get by it without brute force I imagine.
  13. Well that is extremely true, but consistency is something that is important too. Smiley faces working in most areas and not working in other areas just seems bluntly inconsistent. Instead of doing that, you could add where you can disable them in certain areas in the settings. I have never found a use in the signatures, but I am aware that it has a usage such as if I am putting: Regards, Elliott Brown :smile: But the same goes for status updates, it is something that is important to my board and I'm sure many feel it would be better to have than to have in a 3rd party add-on. Another random idea I thought of was add Have Read functionality to search results via View New Content. Sorry for all the ideas, hopefully you guys like one of them. ;)
  14. I agree to this, have the ability to have them only display to friends or you could be a little funny and have ones for only ignores. :)
  15. I contacted IPS about it, they said it is a one-time grace refund though.
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