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Auto-prune or delete all notifications


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At my board, I now got 50 pages with notifications.
None of them are at interest for me anymore, as they are notification. They are important from the moment I get them, until I have review them.

But, I never delete a notifications, that is just a waste of time. From time to time I enter the "notification-area" to delete them, but right now I have 50 pages.
I know I can delete one page at the time, but still.. To do this 50 times? Please.

Let us have an option to Delete all, or let the system itself auto-remove old notifications. (1 week after they are read).


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Bumping up this old post. I've been looking for some sort of "delete after x days" or "save only last xxx". We have only been using the upgraded software for a few weeks and already have 10's of pages of notifications for some posters. Seems like this data table is going to get huge very quick.

Any ideas?

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There should be an "auto-prune" option (once the maximum has been reached, the oldest is deleted to make room for the new one) AND a manual option to simply "delete all".

FYI the first thing you suggested is already how it works..
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