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Download: (SOS31) Total Users Online in Shoutbox Tab

Adriano Faria

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Great addition and thanks for the share.

Only issue I have, is that it only displays users that are currently browsing the shoutbox, where if a user navigates away in another browser tab, although they still have a tab open in the shoutbox full-view, then it won't count them in the number.

Any chance to pull the data from 'Active within the last 30 minutes'?

Thank again!

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It's not a problem related to that hook; that's the way IPB works. If you have 10 open pages, will IPB will update session with last click; I mean, if you are in a profile, Shoutbox, Gallery, Downlods and in some topic, and then you open a new page to see some issue in Tracker, IPB will update your session as reading a tracker issue.

You can see this happening all the time in users online.

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