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Feature request: Default settings for adding friends

Robi Gorgin

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Sorry for my English

I see it very important to make a changable "default setting" to adding friends to profiles, commenting in profiles and "last visitors" box...

The curreent default option is that everyone who clicks "add as friend" adding the user as a friend to his profile, but maybe people don't want it...
Also in profile comments...

For your attention.

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You can adjust these with a query to alter the tables default a little bit so that those who register from that point on will have the newer defaults.

http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/articles.html/_/ipboard-3x/tips-and-tricks/quick-queries-to-set-default-values-on-the-my-settings-pages-r375 , but that article needs updating a little bit as it appears to me to be 3.0.x for some of those.

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