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Suggestion: Improve the Bulkmailer!


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HTML works fine, if you have nexus just re-upload the original file....

Email ships in two forms, Plain text and HTML... A rich text/WYSIWYG editor is pointless, as if your sending BULK email you need to know how to code it..

I Write my own HTML emails, and I have never once had a formatting issue or rendering issue with it.. Why? because I took the time to properly learn how to do it.. like any website owner should

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Well, i treid with html, but got the full code back -.-

so..tried a "premade" for ipb bulk mail.. didnt work.. the preview are correct, but then you recive it, it just messy!

It's just a suggestion tbh

If you got the code, than you're using a bad copy of the email class (search around there's instructions on how to fix it), that or not using the proper HTML tags
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