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Nginx Install - Idiot Checks Please :)

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We've been suffering from speed issues..

Eventually got round to installing NGINX (used the nginxcp, which just installed, and surprisingly appears to work out of the box)

We are somewhat concerned it was far too easy.

We'd appreciate some of you taking a quick looksee, and seeing what you think, can think to alter or adjust - or just plain tell us we are a little thick and have missed something of major importance!

It's on a Wiredtree VPS, with 768Mb, quad core zeon etc etc.

Optimised as much as I dare, unless someone on here is an expert, can do a storming job, and wants to tell me how much it's going to cost <bearing in mind we are poor> :lol:

http://forums.t5d5.org/ is the URL.

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Well for starters, a quad core in a VPS is more or less a what ever.. Since the VPS hypervisor can easily say "Show all 4 cores, but lolz you can only use 450Mhz out of 1 at any given time"

That said, you should post the configuration file contents here for it *sensoring* anything that may be confidential to your site/server

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