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Some Suggestions


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Ok gonna talk about a few things I think IPB needs to change/add.

First thing is the style, yea it was nice and neat at first but just seems dull and boring now I suggest for of a fixed width style instead of a full screen forum which just looks bulky in my opinion. Maybe add mroe colors to it then just white/blue with offset green tabs.

Second thing is profiles I have so many members upset because they cannot customize their profile at all except for minor things. Biggest thing is the friends list! Make it were you can choose how many friends show on your list with a default preset of like 10 and allow that member to choose a top 10 friends! Other things is ability to move things around in profile via drag and drop. Let them choose what page is displayed as default when a user views profile.

Third thing is intergrate some fun things into this software, I do understand it is more professional oriented but things like Achievments a user can earn for post / fiends / likes / etc goes a long ways in keeping activity and even make it display something in topic-bit.

Just a few small things off the top of my head. Will add more to it later.

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