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Banner management needed throughout suite...


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I am starting to see the power of the banner management but how about adding locations in the chat, blogs, calendar, members, articles, etc?

It would be even better if you added a sidebar to the whole suite, and had ad locations in there too.

I'm thinking you would be VERY popular! :)

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the ability to add a left or right sidebar advert across the site using nexus would be useful indeed

Even the ability to have simple header / footers ads in places other than the forum would be a welcome addition! :)
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As far as we are concerned (Robot-Maker.com), we also really need a banner ad management inside IPB.

Our needs are a single admin page:

- upload banners on a unique format : banner 728x90. Flash banners needed.

- being able to attribute each banner to an advertiser

- setting a traffic share for each advertiser

- view list of advertisers
- view banners for each advertisers
Example : 30% traffic par Advertiser 1, 30% traffic par Advertiser 2, 20% traffic par Advertiser 3, 20% traffic par Advertiser 4

Then, the system would display a banner available for each advertiser, by respecting a random function based on these traffic shares.

Of course we are ready to pay for such an add on. I believe we do not even need a report management system as we wish simply to sell a share of our traffic to advertisers, and we will show them our traffic through Google analytics.

If anybody interested in coding this piece of software, please contact us.

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