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App upgrade and Report Center plugins


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One thing I always do when I upgrade my apps that have Report Center plugins is to upgrade the version of the plugin in the rc_classes table. I have to do this manually in the mysql_updates.php file for that version. Many times, upgrading this plugin's version is the only thing I need to do for that version update. Is there any chance the application upgrader can take care of this automatically instead of having to update this manually.

To go along with this, I see that IP.Board and its apps do not ever update this value. I don't think this is correct. On an install of IP.Board 3.1.4, each plugin will say it is version 1.0, but surely those plugin files have gotten some updates since they were initially released back in the IP.Board 3.0.0 release, haven't they? They're not really version 1.0 anymore, and they should be updated to reflect which version of the app they are supporting.

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