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Improve ACP Restrictions


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Now that IPS has announced some nice changes to the look and feel of ACP... %7Boption%7D

I wrote this elsewhere, particularly with IP.Nexus and the need to have different members of staff deal with different roles, like manage payments and orders, but not have access to system settings in ACP.

The current ACP restrictions are not really ideal, as the whole ACP is still visible, but results in error when users try to access a restricted place.
Please design the ACP Restrictions, so that restricted areas are not visible. This allows you to make a "ACP module" for different staff members. You can make one for staff that only manages members, one for staff that only manages the store/IP.Nexus, etc. Add to this, a field to choose where user that logs in to ACP is sent to, then you have them only go where they are allowed to play%7Boption%7D...


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