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File Name: Aqua
File Submitter: MrStormyNights
File Submitted: 23 Feb 2011
File Category: Tech Skins

Aqua is a dark, navy blue/gray tech skin for IPB 3.1.

Source graphics are included in .psd format, along with other resources.

For an installation guide regarding this skin, please refer to the
"Documentation" folder given in the download package. This can be found
in the root download folder along with other files and folders.

Support for this skin can be found at SkinsBuy

Click here to download this file

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Now.. Could you please update to IPB 3.3?

Tell us a yes or no please.

This ^

As Sandi_ suggested, there's a 3.2.X/3.3.X/+ upgrade available with slightly different graphics but the same general feel.

Of course, if you would rather have an upgrade utilizing the specific graphics and feel in the older rendition, you could request MrStormyNights (who hasn't been on the scene for a very long time due to being busy with other stuff) or another converter to attempt it (get my permission first though).
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