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  1. Download: Aqua

    File Name: Aqua File Submitter: MrStormyNights File Submitted: 23 Feb 2011 File Category: Tech Skins Aqua is a dark, navy blue/gray tech skin for IPB 3.1. Source graphics are included in .psd format, along with other resources. For an installation guide regarding this skin, please refer to the "Documentation" folder given in the download package. This can be found in the root download folder along with other files and folders. Support for this skin can be found at SkinsBuy http://skinsbuy.com/skins/ipb/aqua.php Click here to download this file
  2. Really unhappy with "Find my content"

    There's a dropdown in the upper right after you click "Find my content" that you can change from "View all topics X has posted in or started" to "View all posts by X"
  3. Download: Aqua 3.1

    File Name: Aqua 3.1 File Submitter: MrStormyNights File Submitted: 16 Jul 2010 File Category: Dark Skins Aqua 3.1 for IPB 3.1.x is now available! Visit the link below to purchase this skin from SkinsBuy. Buy Now - http://www.skinsbuy.com/skins/ipb/aqua.php This skin has a very long history, dating all the way back to IPB 3.1 and featuring a version for every version of IPB since. Featuring a nice dark layout gray-aqua blue layout. Previews: Board Index Forum View Profile View Topic View Live Preview: http://www.gghq.net You can get it now here :) Click here to download this file
  4. Download: (SOS31) Secondary Groups Indicator

    I am getting the Following Eroor when I view profiles of members without secondary groups. Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in (forumdir)/admin/sources/base/core.php on line 7217 this is what is on line 7217 of that file $member['other_groups'] = implode( ",", $g_others );