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  1. Nothing you can do against bruteforcing? Ever heard of using a hashing algorithm that isn't fast as balls? MD5 is not the way passwords should be hashed these days. Look up bcrypt or something else that can't easily be bruteforced. It's not possible to stop someone from bruteforcing sure, but when you use a hashing algorithm that can be computed hundreds of millions of times per second you are doing something wrong... There ARE alternatives. I do hope I'm behind the times and that IPS doesn't still use MD5 but can't be assed to actually read around the site. So does this mean the account I'm using right now someone may have the hash/salt combo somewhere? Using strong passwords will help - they likely try common passwords first when doing a bruteforce attack on someone. Though not all blame is on the user, here.
  2. This is what I mean... I sure as hell did not make several hundred posts in a given hour. Which is why I ask what the graph means. ...
  3. If it were possible to choose the increments of the graph (i.e. hourly/daily) that'd be cool. And I don't think there's a bug about the spikes, I'm just trying to understand what the spike means. The graph goes up to like 400, but I know I didn't make 400 posts in hour 4. I'm not sure exactly what it's graphing (besides a general trend in activity).
  4. What do the numbers mean? Surely someone isn't making 600 posts in hour 5, etc. And is there a way to have it track by day? I don't care about an individuals one day activity, but rather how it changes spanning many days.
  5. Where are those settings... And is this compatible for 3.1.4 ? Edit: Found it... Hidden. Edit each group: Global tab. May want to put that somewhere so others don't have to dig through everything to find where it is... i.e. it'd help to know it is a per group permission.
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