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Improved profile feed

Derek M.

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I really feel the profiles need to become more simplified and meaningful. That is, they do technically 'work' for now and can be tweaked for certain needs of a coder, but it should be simplified for the whole aspect of a better product.

Right now you can make status updates and have people comment on them. Then there's another area for your recent actions. And then there's comments which doesn't reflect any similar flow as the Status updates (no threaded replies). I think things should be sorted in one feed, or maybe two. But generally one feed. No I'm not asking to mimic this cause Facebook does it, but for the reason it's done purely.

That is, combine comments, status updates, and activity in one feed. Group similar activities notices to keep the feed from going out of control in length, but essentially, comments and status updates should be on pair with each other (just one is reflected more on identity with how it's a tagline on other parts of the forum and the other is just a comment from another).

Anyways, I just find the current to be overly complex and clutters up the page. Friends should be on the left side as well as much of the info on the left should be in the About tab. The success of a UI is one that doesn't throw everything in your face, but just keeps the common stuff present at first and leads a member into more advance/extensive options.

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