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File Name: Indentation
File Submitter: Stars25
File Submitted: 23 Jan 2011
File Updated: 10 Mar 2011
File Category: Light Skins

Indentation by IPB Skin Shop

Indentation is a light, professional skin that is perfect for any type of community. The dark and light shades of gray mixed with the shades of black create a smooth, sleek layout.

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This skin is designed to worked with IP. Board 3.1.4 as well as the latest versions of the following addons:

  • IP. Blog
  • IP. Gallery
  • IP. Nexus
  • IP. Downloads
  • IP. Chat

Indentation features an animated "back to top" button and multiple smooth transitioning, drop menus such as the administrator tools and a login box (shown below).



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Oh, maybe it is a chrome thing. When I use google chrome the button fades in and out of opacity constantly, even when I am not scrolling up or down. Also, when you click on it twice or more, the screen keeps trying to go up for a little while after. (Depending on how many times you clicked it.)

Let me show you what I mean:

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I'm interested in purchasing this skin but would like to know how easy or difficult it would be to remove some of the space above and below the posts - for me there too much white space on the screen and would like everything compressed a little bit.

thanks in advance.


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