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  1. Thanks it work ok now after I Disabled Group Format first, then install this Hook.
  2. Hi I don't use any Group coloring Mod, but Group Format. But even if I disabled it, it still show twice. If I Disabled the Group Coloring Feature in this Hook, it does not show any color at all. Just default black color name.
  3. The Icon Prefix is showing twice for Group Name when I use this Hook. What is wrong and how do I fixed this?
  4. Kandice

    One-Click Ban

    It will just move them to a Banned Group. It doesn't mark them as spammer or soft delete all the user post.
  5. Is there anyway to add a gap ( page break ) on the "This forum led by" Example before Forum description go here This forum led by After: Forum description go here This forum led by
  6. Kandice

    One-Click Ban

    Thank you, confirm it working on IPBoard 3.4.3
  7. Tom, I just notice that version 1.0.6 the Forum Marker Icon got shrunk a lot in Google Chrome. It was fine in other version. What happen? The other version lower version don't have this problem. Example, left image is Firefox and right image is Google Chrome.
  8. I try it on a fresh new board install and it still does it, but it have to be integrated with Hide Content. Just when making a post attach an image to it.
  9. When you have an Image Attachment in the post and it show the Thumbnail, when you Thanks. The Thumbnail is remove and it disappeared.
  10. Hello I want to purchased this mod but have some concern and question. 1.) Does the latest version of this Hook really exclude from the Bot? I read and someone mention it does not and have to create a second group which defeat the purpose of the Mod in the 1st place. 2.) The Mod to seam only limit time duration of view only. Is there anyway to set it as a number amount of Topic View? Example, after 10 topic view count it display an error message asking to register? 3.) How does the reset work? It is reset the limit after 24 hours? Thanks!
  11. Hello, I want to really buy this Hook but was wondering if the Author have any plan to released an updated version where it doesn't block the Bot too. I find it pointless to make it block Bots too since I want Guest to registered, but at the same time want Bot to index my site properly. Was wondering anyone thought about using Bot Group with this combine? Will this have any side effect on SEO? http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4874-pav32-bot-group/.%C2%A0
  12. New version the Titilium Web Font isn't as Sharp and bright. Instead it is more Anti Alias, and less bright in the new version. Example It's very choppy and blurry :sad:, Anway I can use my own Google Web Font? Or do I always have to use Titillium Web?
  13. Is there something wrong with this Hook? I'm getting a lot of Member complaining they cannot reply to a Thread after installing this hook randomly. And they did not post any links. Anyone have this problem? Any alternative without using this Hook?
  14. Will this be like IPBoard Recent Topic where it scan all the forum for Recent Topic? Which is heavy resource and it always slow down my site a lot everytime enable.
  15. Pretty neat, will it work on IPBoard 3.4.x? Can't wait until you made a Hook for this without File Edit.
  16. You mean changing the Glare skin Font? Can you tell me how to do this? I'm using latest version of Firefox, I try Clear my Cache, Cookies, but it's still Bold. And is updating to a newer version of Glare the only way to get rid of the Bold Font? I spend a lot of time edit it to the way I want it so would not want to do it all over again.
  17. So strange the Forums and Thread is Bold on my main Computer I used with latest version of Fire Fox, but try on other Computer and it's not Bold :(
  18. Well it hard to tell from the screen shot, but it actually is Bold. Like on the Demo of Glare. http://www.tomchristian.co.uk/development/ipb/index.php?/forum/2-a-test-forum/
  19. Tom, how do I make the display Topic not Bold but just Normal? I don't want it to be bold for both Unread and Read, just normal text. Thanks!
  20. Like how the built-in Image BBCode, when click a popup window ask for directory of the Image to upload, then click Confirm.
  21. Could you make it a popup BBCode instead?
  22. Dear Tom, is there anyway I can add a small Icon to all Sub Forum for this skin? The Skin is nice, but it hard to make out the Sub Forum. I want it to be easier to everyone to distint between Forum and Sub Forums. I can add it in with the Image URL to the forums, but it not what I want because I want it to be automatic and in the skin itself. Thanks
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