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Tagging everything and everywhere


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Tagging is a very useful feature on large communities. There is the tags system in IP.Blog but only there. Why not to extend it to all apps and make a single tags database for all content. Tags in albums and single images, tags in topics. Tag cloud on a side panel of the forum. Clicking on a tag shows all content with this tag. Clicking on 'apples' shows all topics about apples, all blog post about apples and all apple images in the gallery. To find everything about the subject in one click.

Сertainly the system must be smart enough. It should suggest most popular tags. But not only. When a user enters a tag, the system must suggest more popular tags used in publications with the entered tag. Somehow like 'Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought' in Amazon.

And of course all tags should automatically be in meta-keywords tag for better SEO.

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