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Download: AEON 2010 Exclusive Edition Rank Images

Echelon One

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File Name: AEON 2010 Exclusive Edition Rank Images
File Submitter: syrusxl
File Submitted: 28 Dec 2010
File Category: Group Team Icons

Echelon Designers brings you an exclusive rank image pack for your forums. The main pre-rendered images are black with blue lights and consist of 5 images.

However, the PSD file we have supplied gives you much more customization than ever! The PSD has 5 button backgrounds, each one can be color changed or blended to suit any forum style. Please see our screenshot of just some of the possible combinations that can be achieved with very little changes.

All button images are fully layered and can be enabled/disabled simply by switching the button layer you want.

Due to copyright infringment we cannot supply the pixel font used in this pack, because it is commercial and available from Fonts for Flash.

Click here to download this file

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