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Feature: Multiple Badge/Rewards Options?


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Over at ThemeForest.com what makes a nice touch and also the members find very appealing is the fact they can be assigned multiple awards that appear under their avatar.

They's a multitude of different types 16x16 icons e.g. Moderator, Spam Buster, Member has refered 1-9 users (Could be used with Nexus), Member's Birthday today, Member has 100-500 posts etc etc....

It would be absolutely fantastic if invision could offer a rewards/stackable badges that we can define e.g.

Reward Title: [ ]
Icon path: [ ]

For the dynamic options: (This would be for the goals like reach x amount of posts or)
This is for he predefined ones like posts/birthdays we can select from drop down...
Between - Min Posts: [100] & Max: [500]

Thinking about it these can already be defnied, and we could simply click "edit"...

FamFamFam silk icon pack would do the trick i'm sure for the icons.

Example of them can be seen under the avatars over @

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