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Download: Fury [tomchristian.co.uk]

Tom Christian

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File Name: Fury [tomchristian.co.uk]
File Submitter: Tom Christian
File Submitted: 16 Nov 2010
File Updated: 21 Jun 2011
File Category: Dark Skins

***Please note that I will not be upgrading these skins to 3.2.0. I do however, give you permission to upgrade your purchase for personal use only, if you should choose so. Under no circumstances can they be re-sold or redistributed. Support will also be very limited and available only from their respective marketplace topics. These premium IPB3 skins were originally sold at $30 each, so this is quite a saving ;)***

Skin Information
Fury skin is an extremely rich, graphic intense skin that is sure to make your community stand out from the crowd. The bright & vivid colours throughout the skin give it an extremely strong look & feel and at the same time, offer your users an easy, enjoyable browsing experience.

Skin Details
Fury is set to a fluid width by default, however this can easily be changed with one edit through the IPB3 admin control panel.

Files Included

Compatible Addons

Click here to download this file

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