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Suggestion for new comment system!


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In the next IP.Downloads version we will have the possibility to comment on the files. What I would like for this new comment system is not only being able to comment directly under the file page, but also that all these comments are synchronized with an IP.Board topic. So you have 2 options:

1. You can comment in an IP.Board topic (and it will be displayed on IP.Downloads file comment page as well!)
2. You can comment on an IP.Downloads file page (and it will be displayed in IP.Board topic as well!)

In other words, we synchronize both the comment systems, instead of storing data twice, we just grab comments from an IP.Board topic and display in IP.Downloads, and other way around. This will also be perfect for IP.Blog, to have an IP.Board topic for your company blog posts, and then people can choose whether they want to comment on the blog post inside the blog article, or inside the blog forum topic. I really wish this kind of system! Please add this, this will benefit us so much you wont imagine. Also for IP.Downloads we no longer need to display "support topic: <link>" because this system would automatically make an topic in IP.Board + you could comment directly under IP.Downloads.

For those who didn't bother to read here is short version ^^:

1. Suggestion: IP.Downloads, IP.Blog etc (even IP.Gallery) being able to grab comment data from an IP.Board topic for that file/blog post/picture, aka synchronizing comment data instead of having to comment 2 different places and store data twice.

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