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Board Helpfiles - Language dependant


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While most of IP board is managed through language bits, making it easy to show content in the right language, Helpfiles in IPB still are not language dependant.
Off course I could translate them and add new helpfiles, but that would only make the list of helpfiles longer.

Is it possible to make that a bit more easy? Off course I would still have to translate, but at least the helpfiles would not show more than the helpfiles in the same language as chosen board language. Perhaps by entering them in the language part as well?
At this point I'm translating the helpfiles and create the prefix EN and NL for the available languages in order to sort them easily, leaving my members with a huge list of helpfiles...

Thanks in advance


ps: if anyone allready has thought up a way to filter helpfiles on languages....I would be very interested in knowing how you did it.

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