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Download: Reach (TheRevTastic)

Taylor J

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File Name: Reach (TheRevTastic)
File Submitter: TheRevTastic
File Submitted: 03 Oct 2010
File Updated: 08 Oct 2010
File Category: Dark Skins

Version: 1.0
IP.Board Compatibility: 3.1.2

Reach is a brand new skin based off of the popular video game for the xbox 360, Halo: Reach. This skin is based of of different blues that can be found in the logo at the top. This skin will surely go with any gaming site or any other site at that if the logo is changed, the skin has great functionality and style.

Reach has been skinned to work with the following ips applications:

  • IP.Blog
  • IP.Gallery
  • IP.Chat
  • IP.Downloads
  • IP.Shoutbox
  • and the Calender

Coming soon: A mobile version of the skin, which will offer the same style and functionality that the browser edition has just without the huge images.

Click here to download this file
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