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[REQUEST]Template editor for RSS FEED subcribe


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It would be nice to have possibility to make templates for the pages where RSS feed are displayed.So,that we can display the RSS feed page in a way we like(maybe we want to put there much more information etc.).I refer especially to forum rss feed from ACP.
Or maybe you can make a special Plugin for this in IP.Content in order to make a personal RSS feed subscribe template page.

Thank you!
Best regards!

PS:Can someone tell me please what file can I edit right now in order to change the look of page where RSS feed subscribe are displayed?

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Ok, but in RSS feed in forum for example I want to change the link of the topic with the link accessing the last post of that topic.
Or I want to add some more info of that topic,how many posts, reads it has and the name of the last poster.

It would be nice having option to add this info on a RSS feed page.

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