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Download: Skin ACP Grey


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File Name: Skin ACP Grey
File Submitter: Askancy
File Submitted: 18 Aug 2010
File Category: Miscellaneous Skins

A simple and dark skin.

This skin was prepared using 3.1, but should
work perfectly even with 3.0.5

Very simple installation

1- Unzip the file attached

2- Upload via FTP the file acp.css in YOURFORUMROOT/admin/skin_cp folder (you can a rename the original file in acp_old.css or overwrite the existent file)

3-Upload via FTP the file in page_bg.png YOURFORUMROOT/admin/skin_cp/_newimages (as before, we recommend rename the original file)

4- Upload via FTP the file logo.png in YOURFORUMROOT/admin/skin_cp/_newimages folder (you can a rename the original file in logo_old.png or overwrite the existent file)
(If you want to customize the main logo you can edit the logo.pds file in package and save in png)

5- Leave me a feedback please, if the skin is good i will create new skins with other colors:)

6- Visit my website http://www.invisionita.it/forum ;)

Normally with this skin there no more problem in bar if you have high number of mods installed

Click here to download this file

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