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Suggestion: Friendly error messages


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The errors IPB throws up are technically very good - the error codes point to specific issues that are easily identified and diagnosed.

However, from an end-user perspective though they're scary and ugly - sorry guys, I just had to get that off my chest.

Is there any way we can "friendly" them up a bit, whilst retaining the error code to help diagnose faults / bugs / etc.?

For example, if you don't have permission to do something:

"Sorry you don't have permission to do that. It may be that the board administrator has restricted access to it, or that you need to register to gain access. If you haven't already registered, {click here} to get your account set-up. If you are already registered and would like to report this to the board Admin team, please {click here} to contact us and use the following reference in your message [#6565413434]."

It's just an example, but there are plenty of other errors that are just plain hard (in terms of the emotion conveyed in the context of the report) and I'd like to see them softened a bit.

I know we can all edit our language files etc. but every update wipes those changes out, so would it be possible to have an alternative "friendly" error message that would be displayed if it was present, and that wouldn't be overwritten on update?

Shaun :D

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