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Download: GLC Random Forum Logo V1.0.0

Graeme Leighfield

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File Name: GLC Random Forum Logo V1.0.0
File Submitter: Graeme Leighfield
File Submitted: 17 Jul 2010
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

V3.x Compatible :)

This hook will randomly display a logo of your choice in place of the normal forum logo. Just refresh the page to show a different logo. Great if you want different slogans or sayings in your forums logo!

I would recommend making your logos as transparent ".pngs" so that the branding_bg will title behind them, thus keeping it looking consistant on all your skins.

To install :

1.) Please create a "logos" folder in the "public" location of your boards installation. (public/logos)
2.) Install the hook
3.) Place the names of the logo files (one per line) in the setting "Settings -> glCreations -> Random Forum Logos"

Click here to download this file

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When I visit other parts of the forum, the banners do not show up. They only show up on the forums themselves, but not on things like the calendar, members, or even when looking at a forum or thread etc. They only show up on the front of the forum. And yes, they show up fine otherwise.

Thats happen when you use .htaccess mod_rewrite or the option URL Type = Path info , both inside SEO Configuration , in bot cases when you enter to any section or topic, the logo doesn't shows at all.

please any chances to fix this?

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